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Eurovision 2012 Preview Part 9 – Ukraine, Bulgaria and Slovenia

Off we go with a preview of three more countries who’ll be duking it out in the second Eurovision semi-final on 24 May. Ukraine are one of the most consistent performers of recent years, having only missed the Top 10 twice since winning in 2004 – and last year saw them achieve their fourth Top 5 finish. Their hoping to continue the good run this year, with Gaitana performing Be My Guest. A song which doesn’t even remotely sound like When Love Takes Over. The video, meanwhile, is pure sensory overload.

Gaitana, who, incidentally, performed at Barack Obama’s inauguaration in 2009, should probably qualify with that song – uncomplicated dancey pop like that always goes down well at Eurovision. Especially when it’s a Kelly Rowland away from a David Guetta lawsuit.

Whilst Ukraine have done consistently well, Bulgaria have consistently failed to qualify, having made it through to the final just once in seven previous outings (although they did manage to finish 5th on that occasion). This year they’re sending Sofi Marinova singing Love Unlimited. She goes to town with the Gaga-esque bits and the fireworks in this one.

Not bad, but she’ll have to be really fierce if she’s not to be overshadowed by the Ukrainian entry immediately preceding her – particularly as (the “I love you so much” aside) she’s performing in Bulgarian rather than English.

Last up today are Slovenia, who have also struggled to make the big night ever since the semi-final stages were introduced. Completing a trio of female soloists in today’s preview, their hopes this year rest with 16-year-old Eva Boto, who performs Verjamem, or “I Dream”. Her dream appears to consist of women wearing large scrunchies on their heads.

Not bad as big ballads go, and if she can overcome any big-night nerves (and get rid of the scrunchie women), then this could actually do pretty well.

That’s it for today. Next time, attentions will be turned to Croatia, Sweden and Georgia. Sweden are the current favourites to win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, so this could be the trio that produces this year’s champion. We’ll know whether it does or not in just a fortnight from today…

Chris x


Eurovision 2011 Preview: Macedonia, Israel and Slovenia

It’s time for a Saturday triple-bill in the latest Eurovision preview. First up today it’s the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The homeland of Alexander the Great has a Eurovision track record that gives lie to the notion that Balkan states have run rampant in the contest ever since the introduction of televoting. They’ve yet to record a Top 10 finish and haven’t managed to qualify for the final since 2007 (in both 2008 and 2009 they finished 10th in the semi-finals, but lost out on jury votes). This year they’re hoping to put that right with Vlatko Ilievski performing Rusinka. Vlatko comes across as a not-unappealing combination of Ewan McGregor attempting some Ricky Martin moves, albeit in that 40-a-day voice that seems endemic amongst male singers from the Balkans:

Nothing amazing, but then given that his main competition appears to have been a bloke dressed as a chicken, it’s not like he had to do anything fantastic to win the national competition. And after the double helping of angst we had yesterday (and will have had on the night of 12 May before the Macedonian entry), anything will come as a relief. Although perhaps not a bloke dressed as a chicken.

Next are Israel. Having enjoyed a consistently good run of form from their debut in 1973 through to the end of the last century, Israel have struggled a bit in the last decade. So it’s perhaps no surprise that they’ve decided to enlist the help of the artist who helped them to their most recent victory. And, following on from Boom-Boom and Da Da Dam, here’s Dana International with Ding Dong. Disappointingly, it’s not quite as all-out camp as you might expect from the singer and the song title:

That won’t give Dana International her second Eurovision victory, and I’m not even sure it’s got the necessary impact to make the final. Fear not though, there’s some major camp coming up in the classic corner in a bit.

Last up today are Slovenia. Slovenia are another country who have struggled to get past the semis since they were introduced in 2004 – in fact they’ve only managed to do so once, in 2007. Hoping to improve their record and maybe even give them their first Top 10 result for a decade is Maja Keuc with No One, a song that’s possibly even more auto-tuned than the Azeri entry:

Of the three entries we’ve seen today, I’m going to stick my neck out and say that, purely on the basis that it sounds the most like a contemporary pop song, that one will get through to the final. I’ll have the odds for the second semi-final in a few days’ time. Meanwhile, let’s delve into the archives once more. First we have Slovenia and the camp injection that I promised you. Back in 2002, five years before Scooch did a cheap knock-off of the same idea, Sestre gave us cabin crew in drag performing Samo Ljubezen. And these bitches are fierce:

See, I promised you camp and I gave you camp. Next we have Israel. And for me there was really no question as to which classic entry of theirs to go for, because as far as I’m concerned it’s their best and one of the best songs never to win Eurovision. The runner-up in 1983, and subsequently a major international star before her untimely death from AIDS-related illness in 2000, here is the wonderful Ofra Haza with Khay:

Fantastic. A superb voice and a true talent. And I’m not going to say anything else, except that I’ll be back tomorrow with Romania and Estonia’s entries. See you then!

Chris x

Eurovision 2010 Haiku #28: Slovenia

A caution against
The combination of folk
And tight bleached denim

Eurovision Haiku #28: Slovenia

Silhouetted by
A screen, the leading lady
Appears very late