My name’s Chris Wills and I now live in Chorlton. Chorlton is cool.  I blog, not as much as I should, but in moderation. Usually about, you know, stuff. Here are five facts about me:

1) I’m from Kent originally and headed north in 2003. I’ve never looked back.

2) I’m starting a Masters at the University of Manchester in the autumn. In Gender, Sexuality and Culture.

3) As well as the obvious musical preference, I’m also partial to the Blessed Kate, Dame David, Neil ‘n’ Chris, Belle and Sebastian, Rufus Wainwright, Scott Walker, the Go-Betweens, Elbow – oh, loads of people. 

4) My face can sometimes be seen on various quiz shows. Occasionally I even manage to win.

5) I like crisps. Just to clear that one up.

Other stuff you can probably pick up from my blog posts.  Any further questions, please feel free to ask.



4 responses to “About

  1. Hi Chris, I’m digging my way thorugh your 100 albums list, great stuff. I can;t work out hot follow your blog though, the button is hiding … Happy new year btw! xx

    • Hi Greg

      Happy New Year to you too! Hope you’re keeping warm in the Arctic weather;-)

      I’m not sure how you’d follow my blog either – although I do tweet a link to it every time I update it, and that comes on to Facebook. So if you’re on Facebook then you can always add me as a friend and you’ll get the notification that way… I think;-)

      When’s the next Bollox, by the way, or is that subject to snow and ice..?

      Chris xx

  2. Jeez could I have HAD any more typos in my first message? I do apologise. I’m Greg Thorpe, send me a facefuck request, that’s probably easiest. Bollox braves all weathers, next one is a week today. Have you been before? xx

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