Eurovision 2012 Preview Part 9 – Ukraine, Bulgaria and Slovenia

Off we go with a preview of three more countries who’ll be duking it out in the second Eurovision semi-final on 24 May. Ukraine are one of the most consistent performers of recent years, having only missed the Top 10 twice since winning in 2004 – and last year saw them achieve their fourth Top 5 finish. Their hoping to continue the good run this year, with Gaitana performing Be My Guest. A song which doesn’t even remotely sound like When Love Takes Over. The video, meanwhile, is pure sensory overload.

Gaitana, who, incidentally, performed at Barack Obama’s inauguaration in 2009, should probably qualify with that song – uncomplicated dancey pop like that always goes down well at Eurovision. Especially when it’s a Kelly Rowland away from a David Guetta lawsuit.

Whilst Ukraine have done consistently well, Bulgaria have consistently failed to qualify, having made it through to the final just once in seven previous outings (although they did manage to finish 5th on that occasion). This year they’re sending Sofi Marinova singing Love Unlimited. She goes to town with the Gaga-esque bits and the fireworks in this one.

Not bad, but she’ll have to be really fierce if she’s not to be overshadowed by the Ukrainian entry immediately preceding her – particularly as (the “I love you so much” aside) she’s performing in Bulgarian rather than English.

Last up today are Slovenia, who have also struggled to make the big night ever since the semi-final stages were introduced. Completing a trio of female soloists in today’s preview, their hopes this year rest with 16-year-old Eva Boto, who performs Verjamem, or “I Dream”. Her dream appears to consist of women wearing large scrunchies on their heads.

Not bad as big ballads go, and if she can overcome any big-night nerves (and get rid of the scrunchie women), then this could actually do pretty well.

That’s it for today. Next time, attentions will be turned to Croatia, Sweden and Georgia. Sweden are the current favourites to win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, so this could be the trio that produces this year’s champion. We’ll know whether it does or not in just a fortnight from today…

Chris x


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