Eurovision 2012 Preview Part 2 – Latvia, Albania and Romania

Time for the next trio of hopefuls in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, all of whom will be competing in the first semi-final three weeks from today. Latvia are hoping to reverse three years of poor semi-final results by invoking Ireland’s very own Eurovision demi-god Johnny Logan. Anmary, like Estelle, was born in 1980, the year of What’s Another Year. But also the year of this:

And this:

And, most amazingly of all, this:

But I digress. Here she is with Beautiful Song, accompanied by her girlfriends straight out of a Danone Activia advert:

Not sure that, even with name-checking Logan, Jagger and McCartney, that song will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. And frankly, if it’s not got a protest about a hydro-electric power station, or a man in a penguin costume, or a bloke in a dinner suit throwing confetti all over the stage and taking a photo afterwards, then who cares?

On to Albania now, still chasing a second Top 10 finish since the one that marked their 2004 debut. This year, they’ve got Rona Nishliu singing Suus. Which translates as “Personal”. And if there was some personal inspiration behind a video consisting of Rona standing in a box and a couple of very odd children (think a Minipops Gilbert and George), then I wouldn’t like to say what it was:

Last up for today are Romania. They’re represented this year by Mandinga, who performs Zaleilah in a mixture of English, Spanish and Autotune:

The ethnic instruments, chanting and “leilah” bit are all very 2004, and I’m not sure it’ll do much to trouble the top end of the leaderboard, should it make it past the semi-finals (and Romania have never failed to qualify for the big night). But she does have quite a fierce wardrobe.

That’s it for now – next time, Switzerland, Belgium and Finland will be gracing us with their presence. I’ll see you then!

Chris x


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