2011: One final look back

Yesterday’s blog post, concluding my review of the year, was intended to be my last for 2011. However, I’ve been cajoled into doing one further post that takes into consideration my personal travels through the last 12 months. Roughly speaking, this is the path I’ve taken:

Six Feet Under. Anti-Valentine Party. Birthday. Frankenstein’s Wedding. Elbow. iPhone. Doctor Who Party. First Quizzing event. Eurovision Party. Sufjan. Degree completed with a First. Avenue Q. Chris Barstow’s 30th. Chris Barstow leaves for Japan. That Day We Sang. Mastermind. Move to Manchester. Greenbelt. Kaisers at Kirkstall. Masters started. Masters stopped. Data-entry tedium. Graduation. New job at MMU. Labour doorstep. Movember. Stepping Out. Petra’s funeral. DJ-ing at Pop Curious again. Christmas. About to move again.

2011 in 10 “things”:

1) My OU graduation and the day of great pride for me and my mum
2) Stella Duffy wearing the “I AM NOT CAROL ANN DUFFY” T-shirt
3) The “wedding dance” in Kirkstall Abbey with Rob Butler and Debbie Gibbs
4) The Six Feet Under blog collaboration with Jon Hickman
5) The three-headed Greenbelt Literary Quiz with Ben Whitehouse and Andy Tate
6) Being back in the Black Chair
7) Calling Chorlton “home”
8) Smiths Night with Debbie and the Chrises
9) The joy of live music with wonderful friends
10) Those many quiet moments with the ducks at Kirkstall, and in Alexandra Park

And what of those who’ve helped make the good times good in 2011, lighting up my life face-to-face or via illuminating and entertaining discussions in the Twitterverse? The Special Guest Stars? I can reveal that, in no particular order, with Twitter usernames in brackets so you can follow them if you know what’s good for you, here are just some of them. They’re all very special indeed:

Ben Whitehouse (@benjiw)
Rob Butler (@theninthdoctor)
Debbie Gibbs (@plainnorthern)
Jon Hickman (@jonhickman)
Mary Costello (@maryecostello)
Chris Styles (@iamdresden)
Chris Fitzpatrick (@saxonwhittle)
Chris Barstow
Andrew Tate (@cloudatlaskid)
Stella Duffy (@stellduffy)
Nick Jones
Simon Best (@simonpjbest)
David Gilchrist
Jason Prince (@Jason_Prince)
Jenny & Matt Whitham (@Jenny_Whitham & @mattywhitty)

Oh, and my Mum. Obviously. Love to you all and here’s to happier times in 2012.

Chris x


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