Uncanny resemblances

Whenever I see someone I know on the TV, it always feels a bit odd. But when I see someone on TV who bears a striking resemblance to someone I know, well that’s even stranger. This has been the case for me whilst watching Channel 4’s documentary series My Transsexual Summer. The series itself is to be commended for its sensitive portrayal of trans men and women trying to negotiate their way through a monumental change in their lives, as well as the threats of rejection and hostility that are constantly under the surface of a society that still can’t seem to deal with trans people as well as it should.

One thing that struck me on a personal level, however, was the striking resemblance of one of the trans men featured, Max, to a very dear friend of mine. So I couldn’t resist showing them alongside one another.

Here they are then, Ben and Max. Or is it Max and Ben..?

Chris x


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