Eurovision 2011 Preview: Belarus and Latvia

We’re rapidly heading towards the end of this preview series, and tonight brings the penultimate pair of entries who’ll be performing in the second semi-final on 12 May. First up are Belarus. Belarus first participated in Eurovision in 2004, but generally they’ve not done that well, only qualifying for the final twice in seven attempts, with a Top 10 showing in 2007 – but second last in 2010. This year they’ve decided to go down the route of sending a song telling everyone about how great they are. So here’s Anastasia Vinnikova with I Love Belarus. Those going to fancy dress Eurovision parties might want to study the folk dancers’ costumes carefully:

I think she loves Belarus. Anyway, on now to Latvia. Whilst their Baltic compadres Estonia and Lithuania both debuted in 1994, Latvia waited until 2000 to enter Eurovision – and did so in some style, finishing 3rd. Victory followed a couple of years later, but apart from 5th place in 2005 their subsequent results have been mediocre at best, and for the last couple of years they’ve not made it to the final. This year they’ve sent Musiqq with Angels in Disguise. Two-fifths of Musiqq are sat on stools, until one of them decides to get up and do one of the most toe-curlingly self-conscious dances ever executed. His fellow sitter then joins him for some bad mid-song rapping circa 1992. Oh dear:

Something tells me it’s going to be back to the drawing board for Latvia. So to finish off today’s preview, here’s the classic – and it’s a recent classic, just three years old. But well worth revisiting. Here is proof of why pirates can only be a Good Thing in Eurovision. Representing Latvia from 2008, here are Pirates of the Sea with Wolves of the Sea. The rogering is very jolly indeed:

Just. Amazing. That wraps it up for today – tomorrow we look at the last two semi-finalists. Denmark and – with the performance you all haven’t been waiting for – Ireland. See you then!

Chris x


One response to “Eurovision 2011 Preview: Belarus and Latvia

  1. You better check out the remix of Latvia’s this year’s entry:

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