Eurovision 2011 Preview: Cyprus and Bulgaria

The latest preview of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest takes us down to Europe’s south-eastern corner. First up are Cyprus, the country that (nearly) always exchanges 12 points with Greece, but hardly ever acknowledges Turkey (probably because Turkey doesn’t acknowledge the country’s existence). It’s 30 years since the Cypriots first graced the contest, and their results over the years have been variable, although never better than 5th. Of late they’ve struggled, and having sent a Welshman last year, this year, for the first time since 2005, they’ve sent a song performed in Greek rather than English. Here’s Christos Mylordos with San Aggelos S’Agapisa, which seems to involve an awful lot of break-up angst and designer beards:

Like Cyprus, Bulgaria’s best Eurovision placing to date has been 5th. That was in 2007, which is also the only year (out of six) that they’ve got through the semi-final stage. So perhaps they’re due another good year. This year they’ve sent Pink wannabe Poli Genova with Na Inat, a song whose title translates as For Spite. Essentially it’s yet more angst:

And that’s probably more than enough angst for one evening. Time for the classic, and we go back to 1982 for one of the three Cypriot entries that has achieved 5th place. Here, in a lovely shower curtain, is Anna Vissi with Mono i Agapi:

If there was a Cypriot version of Bergerac back in the 1980s, then that would surely have been the theme tune. That’s it for today – tomorrow we’ve got a triple bill for the weekend with Macedonia, Slovenia and – featuring the return of a former winner – Israel. See you then!

Chris x


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