Eurovision 2011 Preview: Georgia and Finland

Here come the next two hopefuls in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Georgia have only been entering since 2007, but in their three showings so far (they withdrew from the 2009 contest after Russia threw a hissy fit over the alleged political subtext of their entry) they’ve been consistent, finishing either just inside or outside the Top 10. They’ve decided to rock out this year, with a song that appears to have been beamed in from 2001: medium-loud verse, rock-out chorus, really bad white-boy rap, rinse and repeat. So here’s Eldrine with One More Day:

Not convinced by that one – it might have to rely on the good neighbour vote to get through. Next are Finland. Having finally conquered Europe thanks to Lordi in 2006, they’ve since immediately reverted to the poor showings that preceded that victory for so many years, and last year they narrowly failed to qualify from the semi-finals (a shame, as I rather liked that entry). This year they attempt to rectify this situation with a 12-year-old singing Five Years to the tune of You’re Beautiful. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Paradise Oskar with Da Da Dam:

Winsome in the extreme – but that winsome Welsh boy singing for Cyprus got to the final last year, so who knows? Today’s classic takes us back to 1985, when Finland entered Kim Wilde-a-like Sonja Lumme with Eläköön elämä. If you can get past the sea of mullets, then those sparkly white gloves are to die for:

Power pop with added syllables and lipgloss. Fabulous. Tomorrow, as it’s Friday, I’ve got a triple treat (or threat, depending on your point of view) lined up, as the tour takes in Malta, San Marino and Croatia. See you then!

Chris x


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