Eurovision 2011 Preview: Russia and Switzerland

Today’s Eurovision 2011 preview concerns two countries who have experienced sharply contrasting fortunes in recent times. Russia won Eurovision three years ago, after a series of near misses, courtesy of Dima Bilan, although for the last couple of years they’ve finished just shy of the Top 10. This year they have Alexey Vorobyov singing Get You (sadly that’s in “I’m gonna get you”, not as in “oh get YOU”). There’s a vague whiff of Chesney Hawkes about him and there are some pleasantly distracting backing dancers:

Whilst Russia have been big-hitters in recent years, Switzerland have struggled to recapture their former glory. Celine Dion must seem an increasingly distant memory to the nation that won the first-ever contest, but which has only managed one Top 10 finish in the last 15 years (and that was courtesy of Estonian girl band Vanilla Ninja). They haven’t even got through qualifying since 2006, so there’s a lot riding on this entry, In Love For a While performed by Anna Rossinelli. It’s a cute song that deserves votes, although it’s unfortunate that the singer moves about like she desperately needs the toilet:

Over to the nostalgia corner. First up are Russia. Russia have twice finished 3rd in the Eurovision Song Contest as a result of being represented by a girl group who couldn’t really sing but got a lot of jailbait votes. I’ll pass over fake lesbians tAtu in favour of 2007 representatives Serebro – think the Saturdays if they sacked their manager, got rid of a couple of members and got a bit nasty. Here they are with Song #1, simply because of the deathless lyrics that’ll get your bad ass spinning. As long as you’ve got your bitches standing up next to you, that is:

From a recent entry for Russia to a very old one from Switzerland. Way back to 1963 and Esther Ofarim (later to give the world Cinderella Rockefella with husband Abi) came runner-up with T’en vas pas. Close your eyes and imagine Scott Walker or Dusty Springfield singing this. It’s not hard, and quite lovely:

And that concludes the nostalgia for the Swiss jury. Tomorrow we’ve got Georgia and Finland. See you then!

Chris x


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