Eurovision 2011 Preview – Albania and Armenia

Time for the next two countries in this year’s Eurovision preview, both of whom are relative newcomers to the Eurovision family. Albania debuted in 2004 and finished an impressive 7th, but since then have recorded a string of mediocre showings. This year they’re pinning their hopes on Aurela Gace, who sings Feel The Passion (one imagines the P-word isn’t as ludicrously overused on Albanian TV as it is in this country). You suspect she wouldn’t mind being considered for the next Bond theme:

Next are Armenia, a country that boasts a short but highly impressive record of five Top 10 finishes out of five, although they’re yet to place any better than 4th in the final. So, in an attempt to achieve victory, this year Armenia have, with the help of Emmy, resurrected the noble tradition of the Eurosong with the nonsense title. Following on in the noble tradition of Boom Bang-A-Bang, Ding-A-Dong and Bem Bom, is, well, what else but Boom Boom – which incidentally is the third Armenian entry to feature the same word repeated:

Not sure if the retro-disco stylings of the chorus to that one will make it a success. Still, stranger (much stranger) things have happened in Eurovision. Anyway, it’s classic time, and here’s the one and only big success for Albania to date, from 2004. Anjeza Shahini seems to be locked in an epic struggle with her nerves, over-loud backing and a weird orange dress. Somehow she just about manages not to go off the rails:

And that’s it for tonight. Come back tomorrow evening when we’ll see what Turkey and Serbia have got lined up this year – and what at least one of those countries has given us in the past.

Chris xx


One response to “Eurovision 2011 Preview – Albania and Armenia

  1. Many thanks for name checking me squire 😉

    If you can find it, Albania’s debut is much better in Albanian 🙂

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