The haiku return

Apologies for my long absence from here – but now I’m back, spurred on by the fact that Eurovision 2010 is now just a matter of weeks away.  And what better way to prepare for this year’s contest than by previewing this year’s 39 entries in haiku form?  Well, quite.  As with last year, I’ll be doing the haiku in semi-final order of appearance, saving hosts Norway and the Big Four (including the United Kingdom) until last.  Given the staggering mediocrity of both the song and performer chosen to represent us this year, it would ill befit us to be disparaging about the rest of Europe’s efforts.  Although rest assured that anything truly dire will be skewered in seventeen exquisite syllables.

So, without further ado, here are this year’s first two haiku.  Starting with Moldova:

Eurovision 2010 Haiku #1: Moldova

Ian Waite from Strictly
In saxophone invasion
With bling violin

Eurovision 2010 Haiku #2: Russia

A slim Renato
Fails to save his love but adds
Scary yodelling


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