Question Time

So children, what did we learn tonight?

1) Nick Griffin may or may have said the things he said but didn’t say because he’s been misquoted (or something like that)

2) Nick Griffin thinks we’re all Aborigines and the government are embarking on an act of genocide. Which presumably means we’re an oppressed minority, one that has been completely disenfranchised and is now being systematically wiped out by imperialists with no regard for our native culture and customs.  You know, like the British with the Aborigines.  And the Maoris.  And the Native Americans.  And the Zulus.  And so on and so forth…

3) Nick Griffin wants us to leave the Muslims alone in the Middle East, but wants the Muslims in Britain to leave “British, Christian people” alone.  Whilst he snuggles up to Abu Hamza

4) Nick Griffin doesn’t want all those gay militants teaching our schoolchildren homosexuality. Except if they do it behind closed doors

5) Nick Griffin did once deny the Holocaust, but now he possibly doesn’t, but maybe he still does, and doesn’t want to say why in case he ends up in prison, even though he won’t.  I think.

6) You don’t need to gag someone if they are blessed with the capacity to put their foot in their mouth every time they speak.  That’s the wonder of free speech.

7) Oh, and Bonnie Greer is fabulous



2 responses to “Question Time

  1. Brilliant.

    You missed something from point 6): Even if he doesn’t now deny the holocaust he is frightened of telling us this because he thinks he might get put in prison for talking. Even though Jack assured him he’d let him off if he just told the truth like a good boy.

    • Thanks and well-spotted, Mr Robinson – that’s what happens when you blog something hastily at midnight after an hour or so of frantic tweeting – something vital gets missed out. Consider it updated:-)


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