Commenting on my blog

Just a bit of housekeeping here.

Last night I had two comments in response to my “Gayification” post. One was random spam, but the other was from an American pastor. No actual comment as such, just a link to a blog post ranting on about gay marriage being an infringement of civil liberties, homosexuality being against nature, the usual tripe. There was no attempt to comment upon, or engage in discussion with, my blog post.

Whilst I think I can safely infer that any discussion he engaged in would disagree with my perspective, I’m all up for a debate. Just a posted link without any accompanying dialogue doesn’t cut it, I’m afraid, so his little contribution has gone in the spam bin as well. Therefore, if you want your thoughts and opinions in relation to my posts to appear on my blog, you’ll have to address your comments rather more directly. Politesse, even when disagreeing, would also be appreciated.




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