Fascism gets it up the backside

This interview is a thing of beauty and a joy forever:


Let the backlash continue in that vein;-) Although some of the comments below the interview transcript are a bit worrying (unless they’re Peter Davies under various guises, of course…



2 responses to “Fascism gets it up the backside

  1. The guy who runs the blog doesn’t filter comments – so you’ll read pro and anti Davies stuff.
    The blogger thinks Davies is a tool though.
    As do I.
    Visit me sometime for Davies updates.
    Davies and his party are dangerous bigots.

    • Thanks for the comment – I’m quite happy to see these people air their idiotic, ill-informed views and thereby hang themselves – I also blogged about the English Democrats a few days ago when I first read the highly depressing news from Doncaster. Enjoyed reading your blog as well.


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