Eurovision Semi-Finals

Yes, the first of the three big nights is almost upon us! 18 countries compete in tonight’s first semi-final (in which the UK gets to vote), then 19 in Thursday’s second semi-final (in which the UK doesn’t get to vote), with 20 countries in total going through to Saturday night’s final to join hosts Russia, plus the “big four” of France, Germany, Spain – and good old Royaume Uni. All three stages will be broadcast by the BBC at 8pm BST.

Those of you wishing to enhance your Eurovision experience with my individually-tailored haiku for each entry, haiku 1-18 cover tonight’s semi-finalists (in performance order), with haiku 19-37 covering Thursday’s semi-finalists (again in performance order). Haiku 38-42 are for the automatic qualifiers for Saturday.

And here’s one more haiku, in anticipation of Graham Norton taking our commentary in a more positive direction than his predecessor:

Xenophobic moans
From Irish institution
A thing of the past

Here’s hoping…



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