The Boy Redux

It’s a gorgeous, sunny, breezy Bank Holiday Sunday, and I’ve moved blogs – from Blogspot to WordPress.  Hence you no longer see my ugly phizog, but instead a frankly gorgeous image of the Mozmeister (16 days to Hull and counting).  And, whilst most moves can often result in the loss or damage of precious belongings, on this occasion I’ve managed to transfer all my Blogspot posts, including all those Eurovision haiku.  Start going back and reading those, because the big night (16 May) is fast-approaching…

Anyway, a review of the papers on the Andrew Marr Show this morning, revealed that the Mail on Sunday are today offering 50p off Kleenex Anti-Viral Hygiene Kits.  Because, y’know, Britain needs to defend itself from that vile foreign swine flu.  Although give it a few days and there’ll probably be a headline proclaiming that these self-same kits give you cancer.  The kit itself contains a couple of packets of tissues (these are not just tissues, they’re anti-viral tissues) and a bottle of what is called “hand foam”.  Which frankly sounds like a euphemism for something else altogether.  Pass the Kleenex…



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