The Other Side of the Weekend

Birmingham this weekend was good – met Ben’s boyfriend Mike and they a lovely couple. Also Mike’s six guinea pigs (three boys and three girls, carefully segregated to avoid a population explosion). We didn’t see Home of the Wriggler in the end as it was sold out, so instead we went bowling. Unbelievably I’ve managed to get through thirty-one years of existence without once throwing a bowling ball (except on the Wii). Needless to say I was a bit rubbish, although it was amusing seeing my two opponents get ultra-competitive. And thanks to the experience, I now can’t get this tune out of my head:

Helpful subtitles so you can sing along, you’ll notice;-)

Also went to see this fascinating exhibition of photographs of the Obama administration at one of the main city art galleries:

There are some really intriguing photographs – not least that the ones who are in their thirties already look very middle-aged, yet those in their forties or fifties look hardly any older, almost as if one stops ageing after a while in that environment and achieves a state of grace.

And now back to reality, rain and swine flu…



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