Friday afternoon

Things are winding up for another week here at work. I’m off to Birmingham tonight to spend the weekend with my mate Ben and his squeeze. We’re going to see this tomorrow night:

I don’t see enough theatre. I think it’s because it requires a different sort of commitment from watching a film (that and the fact that it’s more expensive). Last piece of theatre I went to see was Spectacular by Forced Entertainment. Here’s some stuff about it:

They’ve been going for 25 years. Ben’s a big fan and another friend of mine, Sarah Cockburn, is their Marketing Manager, and set up their official Facebook group. Their plays are challenging, provocative and all sorts of other adjectives that hacks like to bandy about regarding anything vaguely more left-field than Andrew Lloyd-Webber – but in this case, those adjectives are well-earned.

We’re also going to have a barbecue… if the weather holds. Sod’s law dictates that the arrival of the weekend and the merest mention of “barbecue” will be enough to open the heavens after a period of fine weather that one has been unable to enjoy due to being stuck at work. My mum also finds that washing the net curtains and/or cleaning the windows is an excellent domestic alternative to summoning the Rain God/dess. Fortunately there’s a Plan B if it does tip it down.

Enjoy your weekends – I won’t be able to blog as Ben’s boyfriend has a malfunctioning connection to t’internet, but I’ll be back on Sunday night.


PS – I was just about to hit “Publish Post” when we had a campus-wide power cut. And Sod’s law also dictated that, at the very moment we were told we could go home, the power came back on;-)


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