Britain’s Got 10 Years Younger

Here’s that artist’s impression of a made-over Susan Boyle, just so you don’t have to dirty yourselves by going on the Daily Star website:

Does anyone else think it makes her look like a man impersonating a cross between Jackie Collins and Sarah Palin?

More pertinently, does anyone else think that, if she’d appeared on our screens and given the exact same performance, only looking like Katherine Jenkins, we’d still have been going on about it two weeks later? It’s the gulf between assumption (oh lordy, here comes another tuneless car-crash) and reality (oh okay, she’s got a decent singing voice) that’s led to over 5 million YouTube hits, gushing tweets from Demi Moore and disturbing tabloid headlines involving the vile porn dwarf and Piers Morgan. As well as this blog post, of course…


PS – I’ve just double-checked I remembered that last “and” before I hit “Publish Post”.


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