Eurovision Haiku #27: Denmark

Cute boy in nice scarf
Turns on the smoke machine for
AM-friendly rock song


2 responses to “Eurovision Haiku #27: Denmark

  1. Ah yes. I think he sounds like the guy from Creed if the guy from Creed was singing songs that Ronan Keating wouldn’t sing himself.

    Ronan Keating actually wrote this song, but I guess the guy from Creed said no.
    The wind machine is hilarous though. And very Eurovision. Props for that.

    (I would have written this in iambic pentameter to match your Haiku skills, but I guess I’m no Ronan Keating.)

  2. Hehe!

    I did think he sounded a bit like the guy from Creed. I think it’s probably as well neither of us is any sort of Ronan Keating;-)

    I also used an online translation thing to turn the haiku from English to Danish, but ended up with far too many syllables, so had to scrap that idea;-)

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