Film club

Last night, whilst out on birthday dinner with my friend Rob and housemate Debbie, we decided between us to start up our own film club. The first rule of film club obviously being that we don’t talk about film club. We’re going to start it next Monday with a viewing of Gladiator (it’s one of Debbie’s favourite films, although I’ve never seen it, not being one for sword-and-sandal epics; I think I associate them with all those big, overblown Biblical epics from the 1950s that were always reliably shown over Easter). We’ll then try and theme it by actors or directors. Should be fun.

Might get a few more people involved as time goes on. I think my friend Ben is going to try and get involved remotely. He suggested we could make it a bit gladiatorial, thusly:

That could add another fun element to the proceedings. Any more suggestions welcome.



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