April Fail

Disappointing lack of April Fool’s stories on BBC Breakfast this morning, who instead seemed more interested in focusing on nothing happening at all outside the gates of Regent’s Park (the Presidential vehicle was running late). This is the kind of non-news pointed out by Charlie Brooker in Newswipe last week. Indeed, both this morning’s non-arrival of Obama and last night’s landing at Stansted Airport were laughably branded as “breaking news”. To me, “breaking news” is the sudden occurrence of something unexpected, not a scheduled event. More, in these rolling days, is less.

Anyway, I did catch the tail-end of something suspicious-sounding on the local bulletin, about a large animal in the sewers under Leeds, which is probably a fool unless Chris Moyles has reverted to his natural habitat. Later there was a bizarre couple of minutes of a still shot of an empty seat in the Look North studio, accompanied by some bossa nova music.

At least the Guardian have made an effort:


Meanwhile, an important discovery has been made off the coast of Mexico:




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