First post


After much nagging from a dearly beloved friend, I’ve finally decided to set up a blog. I tend to be a late adopter where these things are concerned, and did try one a couple of years ago, only for it to die from neglect like an unwatered plant. So I’m trying again…

A bit about myself. I passed the age of social death last year and still feel alive. I know too much about, variously, Doctor Who, the Smiths and the Eurovision Song Contest (and almost too much about one or two other things). Therefore, expect blog posts on one or two of the above as and when they happen. I work with students by day, then become one myself by night. I’ve been on one or two quiz shows, the most recent of which, A Question of Genius, is currently running at the moment (weekday afternoons at 4.30 on BBC2; it’s quite neat). More of all this anon. I don’t want to dwell on the introductory stuff, as it always reads rather indigestibly and can feel a bit awkward. Rather like trying to make small talk with a complete stranger and getting a slighly tense feeling as you worry that you’re boring them or that you have nothing in common (or maybe that’s just me).

So instead, I’ll head off to bed now – and hopefully I’ll be putting some randomness up over the weekend…



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